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Quick Start Guide!

Getting started in SmartData Solutions is quick and easy.  This guide will get you started and show you how to get your questions answered.

SmartData Solutions will work best for you if you operate it in the most recent version of Google Chrome.  Please take a moment to check that your web browser is up to date.  You can get the latest version of Chrome here.

Getting your account

Many users will come to SmartData Solutions the first time via an email invitation to a project started by a colleague or consultant.
Your invitation emails will look like this:

When you receive that email, click on the link provided and you will arrive at the account creation page.

Your username is simply your email address, and you must provide a strong password at the time you create your account.   Once you have added your password and confirmed it, we ask you fill out a brief user profile with your name and contact information.  This information will automatically be added to any projects and reports you create.  

Enter your information, Click 'Done' and your account is active.  

You will see a personal "Sandbox Project" as well as any projects you have been invited to in your "My Site Assessments" list.   Now that you are registered, you can come back to your projects at any time by going to

Logging in

Users can log into SmartData using a unique email address and password, or if you use a Google Work, Google Apps, or Gmail account, you can click "Sign In with Google" to securely access your account.  The usual links are there to create a new account, or reset your password.

Joining an existing project

Often new users are invited to a project that has been set up by someone else.  You can be added as a Viewer, Editor, or Administrator.

When you log in for the first time, you'll see a list of the projects you've been invited to:

Click any project to go to the main project map screen.

Or, to start your own project

To create your own project, you need to have project credits in your account.  You can check your account by clicking "My Account" at the top of the page.

Every account has access to a sandbox account, and receives one free credit for a personal project to test drive the system and for training new users.   If you have credits remaining, you can create a new project by going to the "My Site Assessments" page and clicking "+ Create New Site Assessment"  

At this stage you can go to our article on Beginning a New Site Characterization.

Using SmartData Solutions to manage a remediation investigation

SmartData provides your project team with powerful collaboration tools and real-time alerts, and expert level analysis tools to examine the extent, concentration, and movement of contaminants at your site.  We have more support articles to help you make the most out of your investment in the SmartData Solutions platform.

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