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Beginning a new site characterization in SmartData Solutions

Now you're ready to start a new project of your own.   Since you're adding a new project, you become the Administrator of that project immediately.  You can add other administrators and users as needed.   Learn more about that in our article on collaboration.  

To create a new project, simply click Create New Assessment and you'll have a new project and will be sent to the Project Setup page to provide basic project information.  Once you've finished, click Done.  Now, click the Edit button on General Info tile to name your project, add the address and client information, and upload a project logo.  Once you've finished, click Done.

You'll notice a Progress Checklist column on the left hand side of your screen.  Items listed on this checklist are different action items for setting up a project in SmartData.  Green items have been completed for the project, while yellow items still need to be attended too.

You can always come back and edit these details later as well.   It will help your users if you take a few minutes to plot the locations of monitoring wells, or upload CAD maps for your site.  That's it!  Your project is ready and you and any Editors you authorize can begin adding your data and analyzing the site.

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