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Saving reporting time with SmartData auto-templates to generate a high quality site assessment report

Now you have examined your conceptual site model and have made estimations on the amount, extent, and concentration of contaminants on the site.   It's time to send a compliant report off to the regulators and clients so they can understand your findings.   SmartData Solutions is equipped with a reporting module to allow you to generate a report that includes all of the background information on the sampling and direct sensing technologies used, rendered images of all of your saved maps, logs, and transects.   

To generate the report, click the Report icon in the toolbar across the top of the screen. An automated report will appear.

In the left hand column, you can see the different pages of the report. You may create a PDF report by click the Create PDF Report button across the top of the interface. Once you've clicked this button, all the pages available will be automatically selected to be included in the report.  If you would like to exclude some pages from your report, simply uncheck the box next the that page, and it will not be included in the final PDF report.

Enter the name of your report and click the Save Report button (you do this at the top of the interface as well).

You may also download individual pages from the report by clicking the download icon which appears in the top right hand corner of the specific page you wish to download.

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