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Plan view map analysis

Now that you've entered your site information, you can view a plan view map of the site. Listed below are a few points which will make navigating the plan view map a little easier.

Station marker notation: station markers are circles divided into five pie pieces. Different colored pie pieces on the station marker indicate the type of data available at that station.

·       Blue: MIP data

·       Orange: HPT data

·       Red: Soil and/or water labs data

·       Green: Geology data  

To zoom: plus and minus icons are located in the top right corner of the map viewer. You can also zoom in and out using your mouse wheel.

To change between background images: the default setting for the background image of the plan view map is a Bing Satellite image. To view your project with a Mapbox Street image or a MapBox Satellite image as the background, click the map icon in the top right corner of the map viewer. You can switch back and forth between backgrounds by clicking this button again.

To view station marker labels: by clicking the check box next to the labels icon in the left hand column, you can view the station markers with their labels/names.  There is a labels icon associated with each type of data present in your site model.  This allows you to turn labels on and off depending on the type of data labels you'd like to view in your site model.  You are able to have station marker labels for different types of data turned on at the same time.

To view site data: in the left hand column there are headings organizing site data by type. Click the plus next to a specific type of site data to display tabular data and a menu which allows you to adjust any data preferences.

To view tabular data for a specific monitoring well or other data collection location: hover cursor over the station marker and the data table will appear.

To select a depth of interest: if you have a specific depth you would like to investigate, you are able to adjust to your depth of interest by using the depth column on the left hand side of the map viewer. You can adjust the depth by clicking on and dragging the top and bottom elevations in the depth column to your desired elevations. This tool will hide stations on the map viewer screen whose data does not lie within your depth range of interest.


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