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Transect analysis

Now that you've entered your site data, it might be helpful to view transects of site data in order to better visualize the contaminant distribution in the subsurface. SmartData allows you to draw transects on the plan view map and automatically creates transect views for your use.


To begin, draw a transect by clicking on points you would like to include in the transect.  A transect viewer will show in the bottom of the map view.

If you hover cursor over the well data on the transect viewer, detailed tabular data will appear.

The depth of interest will highlight on the transect viewer if you modify the depth of interest on the map viewer using the depth column on the left side of the map viewer.

If you'd like to only display the depth range of interest you've selected, you can do this by checking the Zoom to the Depth Range Area box across the top of the transect.

The scale preferences can be modified using Value Scale and Depth Scale tools on the left side of the transect viewer.  These preferences allow you to display either the depth or value scales according to just the individual log range (Individual), the range of the selected logs (Selected), or the range of all the logs in the project (Collective). 

If you'd like to extend the length of your transect, you can add the scroll option to your transect by checking the Transects and the Extend View boxes across the top of the transect.  

The default setting for your generated transect places the stations equidistant from one another in the transect.  You have the option to display the stations the correct distance from one another in the transect.  To do this, check the Transects box across the top of the transect.

You also have the option to disable chart fill, which you can do by check the Disable Chart Fill box across the top of the transect.

The size of the transect chart can be modified using the arrows in the upper, right hand corner of the transect.

To save this transect view, click the Save Screenshot button across the top of the interface, choose what you'd like to include in the Options menu, and enter name of transect in the Save As box and click Save (located on transect viewer on the right side).  You can also click the Quick Download button to download a .png file of your transect.

Multiple transects can be created and saved based on client needs. Saved transects will appear in the SmartData automated report.  

For more on saving custom charts and maps, see our Knowledge Base article on Saving a Map View

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