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Saving a Map view

Often you'll want to save a particular map view to reference it later, or include it in a report. To capture a map screenshot, from the map view click the "Screenshot Mode" button in the top left area of the map.

If you also have a transect view open, this mode allows you to choose whether you'd like to include the map, the transect view, or both in your screen shot.  You can select what to include in your screenshot in the Options drop down menu.

In this mode, you can zoom, pan, adjust data visualization, and position the map elements to get just the map you want to create.  The length and width ratio of the display will also be listed here.  Saved maps and charts will have the same dimensions are the browser window.  You can adjust this ratio by changing the size of your browser window.

Once your map is positioned as you like it, enter the name you'd like to call the screenshot and click the Save Screenshot button.

Upon saving the image, you'll notice that the Report page is updating, indicated by the appearance and animation of the Report link.

You also have the option of annotation your logs from the transect view.  If you hover your mouse by the specific logs in the transect you'd like to annotate, a QA button will appear.  Click this button and you will be able to directly annotate that log, which will be saved to the report.

Once the report is updated, you'll see your saved map in the list of pages that have been included in your automated report, then you can select, add, annotate, and remove as usual to customize the report.

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