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Collaborating with a project team in SmartData

After you've created your project in SmartData, you can add as many team members as you'd like to view and collaborate on your project, at no additional cost.

Any project admin can invite others to join that project team, and can promote users to higher levels of access rights.   Click on the Team icon.

The access permissions for each project are:
Viewer:  This is a view-only mode for service providers, property owners, regulators and others who need to see the real time updates, but aren't uploading data themselves.

Editor:  Has all the abilities of Viewers, plus they can upload data files, plan collections, place station locations, and edit report notes.

Admin:  All the access of editors, plus they can invite new users, set user permissions, change the attributes of the project
  • Project name
  • Dates of completion
  • Address and Point of Contact for Clients
  • Company logo
You have the option to set specific users as Points of Contact.   This aids in smooth project set up. 

You can also remove users from a project by clicking the Options button next to their email and then clicking Remove.

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