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Adding geology data

SmartData users may directly upload geology data taken from soil cores.  Geology data are important for remediation projects and are often required by regulators.

To add geology data to the project, click the Data Uploads icon on the toolbar across the top of the interface.  Next, click the Browse... button in the Upload Data submenu and find the file you'd like to upload.

For geology data, we support the .pgf format, which can be exported by EVS/MVS, and also created in the free CTech Data Exporter tool.  You have now successfully uploaded your site's geology data. 

Now that you've upload the site's geology data, you will be able to view your data on the map.  Click the Site Model icon on the toolbar across the top of the interface to bring you back to the map viewer.

On the right hand side of the interface, you can see a key which explains which color denotes which type of geologic material.  

Stations which have geology data will be indicated by the presence of a grey pie piece in their station marker.  

Click on a station marker which denotes the presence of geology data.  In the Selected Sites section across the bottom of the interface, you will find the geologic core information for that station.  

Multiple stations may be selected at once so that you can view the geologic core data of multiple stations at one time.  To select multiple stations, simply click on multiple station markers.  If you would like to remove your selected stations from the Selected Sites section, click the Clear Selection button (which is located in the top left corner of the interface).

Next, click on the Report icon (which is located on the toolbar across the top of the interface).  Select any geology page to get a closer look at the geology of a specific station.  These pages will be included in your final report, but you are able to download each page individually by clicking the download icon on that page.  

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