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What if my IT environment won't let me upgrade browsers

We often hear from customers who are using older PC hardware and older browsers that can't make use of the capabilities of SmartData Solutions since it leverages more modern web technologies.   This is a troubleshooting guide to see if your system and browser can run SmartData.

Modern browsers are what we mean by browsers that use HTML5, accelerated graphics, CSS, and other technologies supported by any browser you would download today.  These are usually versions of IE 9 or later, and 

Here is a table to find out what vintage browser you're using and if you can upgrade:

We also hear of situations when a user is not allowed to install software permanently on their machines, requiring administrator rights.  In that case, it may be worth trying a portable version of the Chrome browser.  Simply download the file, unzip it and open the browser file.   There's no installation or permissions necessary.   Here is a link to a portable version of Chrome for PCs that will run on older machines and does not require installation. 

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