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Downloading data

At the end, or even periodically during a project, you may want to download the raw data that was uploaded to the SmartData system.  We make this quick and easy, right from the Project Data page inside your project.   
  • Option A:  Select the raw data table you want to download, and click the Download spreadsheet button to download a CSV file, or the Download crosstabs button to download a PDF file 

  • Option B:  Choose the download format for your data.  SmartData currently supports
  • a ZIP button to download all of the raw data that has been uploaded to that project
  • The EQuIS database from Earthsoft
  • Sampling Station download (in KML, CSV, Geojson, and Shapefile formats)
  • EPA's Scribe tool
  • GeoEngineer's format for their internal database

  • To download a specific format of your data, go the the Overview tab in the Dashboard, scroll down the the Downloads section, and click the format you'd like to download.

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