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Adding surveyed elevations to your SmartData project

SmartData Solutions uses a global elevation data set to get approximate ground elevation for any station location in your project.  If you require higher accuracy, SmartData will use your professional survey data, either from traditional ground survey, GPS markers, or LIDAR data.   To add an elevation to your project, simply enter it at the point when you import your station locations.   All coordinate and elevation data should be in WGS84 decimal degrees and feet above mean sea level.

You can upload a KML file, or a CSV file in the following format:
StationID, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation

If your team enters stations as they are created, you may find the map interface simpler to use.  From the "Edit Stations" page, you can begin editing stations, dragging them to the correct location.  Check the "Elevation": check box to enter elevation data.

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