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Google Earth integration


When you create station locations on the Edit Stations page, one option you have it to upload a KML/KMZ of your point locations.  Click The KML should only contain points, and all points in the file will be considered stations, whose name should match the uploaded data file name once it's uploaded.

Typically, the points will be named in the KML structure using an attribute called "name" and we look for that as a default value.  If you use a different attribute name like "id", or "location", just enter that name in the text box that reads Unique Station Field.

Click "Upload", navigate to your KML or KMZ file, and it will be uploaded and the corresponding points added to your station list.

This is often a way that you can get a project up and running quickly, when a customer provides you with a KMZ of previous well locations, or survey data.   Learn more about setting up a new project in the knowledge base article on Planning Field Work.

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