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What is SmartData Solutions?

SmartData Solutions is an online information platform that integrates the effort of consultants, service providers, laboratories, and regulators to gain a clear and precise estimate of the extent of an environmental contamination and the cost to remediate the spill.

SmartData's streamlined workflow and clear data visualizations help everyone involved to plan, manage, and quantify a successful environmental remediation.   SmartData allows any user to create insightful transects, maps, and log charts that reveal interactions and complexities.  SmartData users can access the full potential of their data without relying on CAD operators or database admins to query and plot their data for them.   This reduces turn-around time and makes SmartData users better at spotting patterns as they are revealed in the field data.

By combining all of the data surrounding a site characterization, and sharing visual results in a collaborative way, SmartData saves time and resources to get a site to a successful remediation plan.

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