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Experiencing trouble when uploading lab data?

Are you having trouble uploading your lab data? If you attempt to upload your lab data file and receive an error message, it is because there is an issue with the file you've uploaded.

Here is an example of an error message you might see:

For this file, there was a missing result value.  The error message tells you that there is an Invalid Value Field, that SmartData expected to receive a number, and that that it was missing from the row of data uploaded.

The row part of the error message tells you which field the error exists in, the expected part of the error message tells you what the input should look like, and the received part of the error message tells you what was in the row of data where there was a mistake.

If there are multiple mistakes in the lab data upload, the error message will provide you information about each of these mistakes.
You can use these error messages to help you find the errors in your file and to make the necessary changes for a successful upload.

 Here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet template for the lab data upload format.    

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